About Me

Ewan Skinner

Scottish Tourist Guide Association Blue Badge Guide

I am a Blue Badge Guide and have completed the training with the Scottish Tourist Guide Association and Edinburgh University.

Blue Badge Guides are the most highly trained, most professional guides in Scotland and have  the ability to tailor tours to suit the needs of the the group or the individual.

I qualified in 2008 and have carried out many tours since then, with groups ranging from students of architecture to foreign dignitaries.

For 30 years I was a police officer in Edinburgh and this has given me a deep insight into Scotland’s capital.  However, my knowledge is not only restricted to the city as I have traveled far and wide throughout Scotland, by car and by motorcycle.

I have lived in many different places in Scotland, developing a real feel for how people lived and worked over the centuries.

Coach & Walking Tours

Walking tours are city based and can be arranged for half day or full day visits.  Coach tours can include half day or full day panoramic tours of Scotland’s major cities. These tours can include visits to major attractions.  Longer, extended tours can take in more of Scotland, including Loch Lomond, the Highlands, St Andrews and many other fantastic places.

Driver Guide Services

Driver guiding creates a much more intimate and personal tour.  Tours and visits to locations can be tailor made to the desires and needs of individuals and small parties, in an appropriate vehicle for the party size.

Corporate Services

Welcoming, greeting and escort services for corporate events.  This may include an element of guiding if required.

Motorcycle Tours

Tours can be arranged to visit sights and attractions or to enjoy some of the incredible roads that Scotland has to offer; roads with stunning views, roads with little traffic allowing smooth progress and challenging roads with tight bends, steep climbs and  sudden drops.

Whisky Tours

Whisky tours can take in distilleries in specific regions or be extended to cover a number of different regions. They can encompass the Highlands, Islands, Speyside, Islay or Lowlands.  New distilleries have been appearing in Scotland and a tour can be arranged to visit the more established ones or the newest.