Scotland is one of the world’s most historic and diverse countries.  It has a long and complicated history dating back to earlier than 5,000BC.  Castles were built and destroyed and rebuilt, palaces were created and developed,  glens were occupied and abandoned, cities were build and rebuilt .  Even some of the rocks on which the country stands are amongst the oldest in the world.

The Scottish people headed out into the wider world, taking some of their traditions, knowledge and work ethics with them.

The best way to discover such an interesting country properly is to have someone local and properly qualified to show you round, point out the sights and direct you to where you can find what you want.

Scottish Tourist Guide Association Guides have been trained by the association and the University of Edinburgh both in their knowledge of Scotland and in professional standards.


Guides also work closely with other organisations in Scotland to give visitors the best experience.  Historic Scotland and the National Trust for Scotland have many places under their care, there are RSPB bird sanctuaries in various locations throughout Scotland and Scottish Natural Heritage work to protect the wildlife of Scotland.


Members of the STGA are also members of the Federation of European Tourist Guide Associations and the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations.